our waffles

Shhh…don’t tell them, but we hacked the Royal Belgian mainframe and stole their secret waffle recipes.  Plus we only use the most legit cast-iron Belgian waffle irons to give each waffle the perfect finish.

the brussels

 – light and crispy / made with batter –

The key to the Brussels Waffle is the homemade egg-white batter designed to form a crispy exterior while the inside stays light a fluffy. 

the liege

 – dense and chewy / made with dough –

Belgium’s best-kept-secret starts with a buttery dough that’s bombarded with pearl sugar. As the Liege waffle cooks, the sugar melts to form a perfect caramel shell.


 – belgian made / 35kg cast iron plates –

The perfect waffle needs the perfect waffle iron. The heavy cast iron plates spread the heat evenly and give you a surprisingly decent upper-body workout.

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